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World Battle Cup II
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32 cup hosted by Bjenn written by niN, 2016-10-04(19:56:18)
Bjenn released the levels for his total time competition concept called 32 cup. It features a level made by me, check it out :)
WBC fourth event done! written by niN, 2016-04-17(20:00:09)
Kazan won the fourth event!Zero leads the overall, followed by teammate finman and adi is 40 points behind the silver.
World Battle Cup third event passed written by niN, 2016-04-13(19:54:30)
The third event was held by insane_guy online. Zero took a second win and is heading for a hat trick! Team dat has three wins in a row, and it's a hundred percent win ratio! Pretty sick. finman and Zero are pretty strong in the first and second place with adi 47 points behind.
WBCII second event over written by niN, 2016-04-11(20:10:36)
The second event was added to the stats!
World Battle Cup 2 started written by niN, 2016-04-09(09:40:28)
The world battle cup two has started.
Interview with a nindex champion, roope written by niN, 2016-03-05(16:25:01)
The current nindex champion, the third misterand an overall cool guy - roope! It is with great pleasure that I present your appearance on nindex! I expect nothing less than brutal honesty in your answers to my questions!1. A loyal compadre you are indeed. You were the only kuski who submitted a time to every single event of MR3, giving you an overall score of 999 points. Was your plan to play every level? And before the competition started, how high in the ranks did you want to be?Yeah, I was really trying to go for a decent time in every event, because I felt like I needed to practice endurance in contests. I've often eagerly participated in cups and such but my motivation has faltered quickly after the first events. That goal fitted well with my other goal of a top 3 overall position in this cup, because I felt like it's possible if I play all events.2. At a final score of 999, you were one lousy point away from getting a bonus price of two beers. This to me is absolutely hilarious. Although two beers are no significant prize, what are your thoughts on this? Do you also find it entertaining?Well, I really would have wanted those beers :D Earlier I said I didn't know of such bonus price, but I think I might've heard of it but just didn't remember it at all. Just my luck is all I can say :P3. Which was your favourite event? Please walk us through the process of driving a satisfying time in it.My three favorite levs were Mistr302, Mistr303 and Mistr309. As for the most favorite, I'd probably have to lean on Mistr302 because I consider myself a hoyler most of all and I still had the enthusiasm of playing a new cup. Most of the lev because quite auto very quickly, but the end gave me troubles. I was just happy to finish a semi-good run with the fast end style :)4. Describe the MR3 with three wordsElasto Mania Cup5. Now describe what it is not with three words, each with more than ten letters in it.unadventurous, overpopulated, unsympathetic6. How was the overall cup experience for you?Highs (thinking about even having chances to win the cup) to lows (not always even wanting to play the rest of the levs). Overall, I enjoyed it.7. Which replay (your own not included) was the most impressive one in this cup? What makes it so impressive?Probably Bjenn's Mistr303, because it was so different route from mine and adi's, and so well executed too.8. You won event 305, one of my personal favorite levels in the cup. What did you think of this level? What time driven in that level would you pay 50€ to view rec?Level was pretty oke, probably somewhere in the middle in my rating of the cup levels. I really am quite ashamed that I won with that ride and that's gonna end up in a video. I really didn't put much effort in that event, but it seems neither did anyone else.9. nindex will host a number of many more competitions in the future. Would you play an MR4, and what advice would you give for hosting future cups?I'll play for sure :) Communication and advertisement is key! Most of the interaction nowadays happens through EOL, you'll get much more players if you aim your advertising efforts there!10. You're currently #1 in the ranks of nindex. You're a very active player in the Creapple Levels. What's your thoughts on the levels hosted by nindex?I haven't really played other packs than Creapple levs, so I'll focus in them. My first impression of them was: great, raw, fun kind of levs. On my second playthrough: wow so annoying shit hard levels. And after that, I again really like them :D I played Treks and liked them, and I've also downloaded the other packs but haven't really gotten into them. Could be that the levs seem to have pretty good times already is at least partially the reason for that!Anyway, I really like the general idea of another external level site where you can send times to and compete. I really wish more people would play these levels and send times on nindex, even if it means me losing some records :)11. More levelpacks will come, what sort of levels would you like to see more of? Feel free to use already existing ones as examples.Hard to say. I'm a sucker for speedy flowy levs and hoylas (Jappe's semen levpack is one of my all time favorites), and I haven't seen much of those on nindex, so maybe them.12. If you take 7 more records you would be #1 with more than twice as many points as Bjenn (#2). A carrot for you maybe ;)?Well, I didn't notice that before this question and yes, it sure is (was) a carrot, because before sending this interview in I took those records (and a couple more) :D13. This is the UFC (ultimate fighting championship) of elma and you're asked to say something about your opponent Bjenn who you will face off in the upcoming Trek Tracks II competition. What do you say? Trash talk totally allowed!for inspirationToo easy: get goodThank you roope and keep playing! I expect to see you get gold on a nindex competition very soon!
Interview with Bjenn about MR3 written by niN, 2016-02-06(16:41:02)
Here's the delayed second interview of a total three from the MR3 cup. This one is Bjenn's second appearance on nindex, his first being about Trek Tracks. Next in line is roope!1. Let me start from the end and apologise for the horrible last event. I wish now that it would have been a different type of level so that the competition would've been more interesting in the end! But Zero's piping skills are unreal. What is your honest opinion on the tenth event?Thank you for apologizing =) It was indeed not very good level =P I realized pretty quickly that the pipe shortcut is going to be done by Zero, so no point in playing it.And it feels weird that you didnt think of that when you made the level, although it was a cup level.2. If we should focus on the positive instead, which event did you like the most? And why? Was the level so much fun that you played it non-stop or did you still play it until you got sick of it but satisfied with your time?The huge Mistr303 was very cool and hard, played it til I got satisfied with my time, I got a better time than I imagined. GAA level to me :)The hoyla level by umiz was fun! But I liked Mistr306 the most! When I thought I had all best moves I found better one towards the end, so pretty maxed that level out, very addicting level =D3. This is the second time that a fin steals victory from you with very little margin. Last time it was adi in Trek. What are your feelings on getting silver under these circumstances?I'm mostly happy to hoyl the cups/competitions when I have someone to play with (in Treks bene helped me and here I played with Zero), but of course it's a bit sad after putting so much effort. I never feel distressed playing, it only feels good.I love to play cups, and even more when together with someone =)4. Describe MR3 with three words, all starting with the letter M.Malfunction (last level :P), More (players), Meta (very good cup like it should be these days!).5. Which replay (your own not included) was the most impressive one in this cup? What makes it so impressive?Mistr309 by Zero, he made all hard tricks in one ride)) mega cool. Also Mistr310 of course, mega impsy pipe shortcut done by Zero.6. An interesting fact is that both you and Thor were extremely close to entering the Mister club! Thor was only a few points behind jaytea in MR1. Are you sad that you didn't enter? is it something (although just a computergame) you really wanted to achieve?Didn't know about Mister club, but I guess it's the winner of the Master Räcer cup. I remembering Thor playing the first one, but didn't know he was 2nd place =)I'm not sad, a little bit dissapointed only. But Zero deserves this win, just as much as if I would have won! He is great champion.7. You were just one event victory (any one more victory in any event would've given you gold) away from winning this cup. If you could replay any event, which would you choose? and why?I would want to play Mistr305 because I didn't have time to play it. Would be an easy win on that event :P8. Are you going to play Treks again ever? And what about the upcoming Trek Tracks 2 competition?There is always levels to play in elma, too much even. I want to but it all takes so much time, and then there is motivation.Trek Tracks 2! Yes if I have time I will play =D9. One level in this cup was made by a trek tracks author - anhe88. What did you think of that level (Menloes event #2). It was made in 2005.It was a very good hoyla imo, the end was tricky but in a good way. It's fun when there are levels made by other people aswell.10. What did you think of the management from nindex? How user-friendly was the site? feedback? Did you check the website regularly or did you stick to lauta?Good website, easy to use. I like that you use your own site instead of I checked the site now and then, to download levels and check standings etc.Thank you Bjenn! And I apologize for the slow progress on nindex, life is hectic! I'm off to camp now. See you all!
Interviews and such on hold! written by niN, 2016-01-18(20:28:47)
Sorry for the delay with the MR3 prize, interviews and overall ending. I've been very busy! It's on my list and will be taken care of shortly. Interview from Bjenn coming soon and roope will also be featured here after that!
Few news written by niN, 2016-01-04(10:54:39)
I updated the appearances section, it now only shows the latest post in clear colour. If you want to read old news there's a link to read it on the right (the glasses).The replay script was down for a few days due to EOL API updates, but it's functioning normally again!I'm still waiting for Bjenn to answer the interview I sent him about MR3, hopefully he will have done it soon! roope will be sent one shortly.Also Trek tracks 2 is getting closer, I have the full blown idea ready now and I'm currently rendering the levels. Don't expect it to take place too soon though!
Merry crossmas written by niN, 2015-12-24(13:00:28)
A merry action xmas to you all from niN and umiz! I hope that your holidays are full of adventure!
Words from the Mister written by niN, 2015-11-17(21:39:55)
It is with great honour I present the latest Mister in the club, Zero!With his recent success in the MastarRacer cup it felt suiting to ask him a few questions about the conpetition...1. So, you won! It was a close call and I must say after you didn't submit times for two events in a row, I thought you had given up. But then you proved me very wrong! Increadible performance! How was your motivation throughout the cup?Thank you! Playing cups is really stressful imo, especially if I want to perform well. During the first events I was really stressed and felt really annoyed whenever I lost to Mr Bjenn. We had an intense competition on even though we were co-operating throughtout the entire cup. After the 0.01 beat that Bjenn did in the event 4 I completly lost my motivation to play the cup because from my own perspective I had "failed" three events in a row. My times were pretty good but Bjenn performed even better. I think after you play elma long enough concepts like exploring and cruising and simply having fun start to fade away, it becomes more like a chore. You just want to get done with it and it's the only way to get kicks. I decided to stop playing the cup once and for all since I just felt beaten. After two weeks of not sending any times in I saw the 7th event made by Umiz. The level looked really fun and I decided to give it a go, but this time I would simply have fun. No pressure, no expectations. Just me and the level. Surprisingly I managed to win the level and I got my motivation back. In the later events I tried to keep that calm state of mind as much as possible and that is probably the major reason why I kept playing until the very end.2. Please share with the readers the relationship between you and Bjenn throughout the cup.I did co-operate with Bjenn since the very first event. It was really nice and I don't think I would have sent times in to as many as eight events if that wasn't the case. We exchanged replays and ideas in every event. We never joined a same team so we couldn't spy eachother playing which led to some misunderstandings. Overall it was great working with him and we managed to squeeze the best of us into all of the winning replays.3. Which was your favourite event? Please walk us through the process of driving a satisfying time in it.I think events 3 and 7 were the best ones but I will talk about the latter one since I won it. Before the 7th event I hadn't sent anything in for two whole weeks and I didn't really have any motivation but someone hyped in the chat saying something like "this level is pretty much the coolest thing ever!" Needless to say I decided to check it out right away and I was really impressed. I decided to start playing it with a new mindset: I would just have fun. I started cruising the first route that came in to my mind and noticed right away how much depth there is in the level. You could do a lot of variations and always come up with something cleverer. I played casually for an hour or two and decided to give the other routes a go. They were just as interesting and I found different moves all the time and eventually settled down to styles that felt the best.My finishes were around 48 at this time and I still wasn't sure about my route since you really had to test all the routes properly to know for sure. I didn't use SaveLoad at all during the cup so it was pretty hard to be sure about anything. I picked a route that felt the best and started hoyling it. I started improving my times from 48low to 47high, 47mid and finally to 47,10 (that run is the alternative style that I uploaded to RecSource). The replay felt quite good and I thought to myself that I will hoyl for a while more to see if If I happen to get that u47 run. After some time I accidentally did a new move at the 2nd apple area which convinced me that going down to the big loop might actually be better. I started playing with it and only like 15 minutes later I got 46high. I smiled a bit since the run was really sloppy and I knew I just hit a jackpot and could drive a much better time now with the new style. I played for a couple more hours and got my final time, 46.05! I was very satisfied and didn't touch the level again :) I spent around 8-10 hours overall playing the event.4. Describe the MR3 with three wordsUnique Cup Experience5. Now describe what it is not with three words.Contest For Beginners6. How come you won and not Bjenn? After all, he seemed like the sole candidate for a while!I think the reason why I ended up winning the cup is because of the events 7 and 8. Bjenn wasn't as active during those couple weeks and getting two wins in a row gave me a huge motivational boost. When the 9th event started I realized that there is actually a chance and I decided to go all in. I spent the most time in the 9th event and started playing the last event as early as Monday. For me and Bjenn this cup was mostly about the time spent on a level since we played all events together. There wasn't much outsmarting going on in any of the events.7. Which replay (your own not included) was the most impressive one in this cup? What makes it so impressive?Hard to say. Bjenn did really well in 303 since the level was quite a package but on the other hand his run in 306 is pretty much as clean as it gets :) Gotta also mention adis run in 303. I was really surprised to see so many styles I hadn't even thought about!8. How long did it take you to drive the pipe with a successful run in the 10th event? Was it painful?The biggest issue with the shortcut route was the first pipe. For the first couple days I used the obvious style which was to use the roof and to push down to the pipe. The problem was that getting through the first pipe like that was really hard itself but I never actually managed to get a good enough angle to even try the curvy pipe. It felt quite hopeless since the curvy pipe is obviously pretty damn hard and getting there so rarely would drop down my odds of getting through the entire thing way too much. Fortunately I found the style I use in the winning replay. It could be done surprisingly often and I could enter the curve pipe with reasonable speed and a good angle. I played for a few hours and did the shortcut. I really have to mention that all the pipe practise I got from playing mini internals helped me with this one. After figuring out the first part I was sure that I can do the style. It was really difficult but I wouldn't call it painful.9. As the winner, you will eventually be sent a jacket with "Mister club" stitched on it. Will you wear it in public?Oh my, most definitely! :D Awesome idea!10. A battle in event 9 between you, jaytea and BoneLESS where everyone would be in their top shape, who would win?I think I would have an intense battle with jaytea. He inspired me the most as a player when I was a noob. In a level as epic as 309 I don't see BoneLESS performing as well. I think I could win them in 309 but in any hoyla level jaytea would be the better one. 11. you're in the mr club with jaytea and BoneLESS now, what would you tell them if you had the opportunity to talk to them. Member to member. Put on your jackets, the drinks are on me.
MästarRäcer3 is over! written by niN, 2015-11-16(20:43:57)
And so it ends and we have a winner!To me, making levels and arranging competition for our loyal members of the community is about more than positive feedback in the form of active players.It's about creating a problem with a possible solution, and to leave it out there for interested people.The process of creating it puts my mind to work in ways that few other activities do.I'm like a child with the perfect toy.One interested person will give me more pleasure than 100 uninterested participants, but even if elma was left with nobody but me to play it I would still make levels.This cup has truly tested this attitude of mine, and I'm proud to say that I still feel this way.With 13 participants most people would call this a failureBut the whole process for me was awesome - even though straining as far as work load goes.And to see kuskis bring a third dimension to this game when they truly outmaster the problems I propose is as any designer would know truly satisfying.I therefor want to thank the loyal players of this cup, and those who didn't play out of honestyI truly feel that you played because you had a genuine interest in this - my levels and concept.roope, Bjenn, Zero, Blaz, ville_jEven TL found his way to the tables half-way through the competition but that didn't stop him from submitting something for every remaining event!You guys are awesome and I wish I could welcome you all to the prestigious Mister club.But rules are stones that I will not move, and only one of you can enter this Club.jaytea entered it firstBoneLESS came laterand now we have a third forever-lasting member of this club...I can not personally understand the mechanics behind this mans performance.It is without a doubt next-level shit that puts some saveloadrecs to shame!and because of this, it is with great pleasure that I announce- with no feelings except for that it is well deservedthat the third member of the MR club isZERO!!!!!I will send interviews to the top three and post them here in the week. After that I will work on the MR3 video, but don't expect it to arrive to soon! I can't give you a date yet. I also need to work on prizes for Zero and adi (for trek tracks).
Last event of the MästarRäcer3 is on! written by niN, 2015-11-08(21:55:36)
Zero pulls it off and scores a hat trick! Beautiful, and the rec is magic too! I suggest you check the replay out. Some moves late in it are just so risky but controlled that it's SL class!Now this means, that Bjenn or Zero will be the winner, and whoever wins this last event will win! (i.e. if not someone else wins event #10). Bjenn and Zero could actually draw in the following scenario:1. anyone2. Zero3. BjennThat would be sick!It's interesting that the last cup hosted by nindex, Trek Tracks, Bjenn was beaten by adi, another fin. Will he be this time too? We will know on sunday!
Mästar Räcer is really presenting some steming excitement! written by niN, 2015-11-01(23:00:47)
First of all, a big congrats to Zero who dominates again with a beautiful rec. He is on the way to score a hat trick and whats more, if he does he will be one step closer from stealing the victory of MR3 from Bjenn!We're very late in the cup and things are extremely interesting.A few scenarios:The biggest question is, who will get the gold??? Well out of three candidates two are certainly most likely: Bjenn or Zero. If Zero wins both remaining events, he will win with 2 points!!! But if Bjenn beats him in any event, Bjenn will win.Bjenn and Zero will draw, if zero wins one and goes 2nd one. Where Bjenn goes 2nd and 3rd. GAH! it's so exzitin!If roope wins the remaining two events with Zero placing 6th or below and Bjenn 8th or below both events, roope draws with Zero for first place. In the same scenario if Bjenn is placed 7th or above he wins. So a win is quite difficult for roope, but not impossible! Call your elma mates roope and have them beat Zero and Bjenn to a bad placing while you ride in with a few nice times :)A more likely scenario is roope being placed third, where he is currently placed. Blaz has a pretty fair chance of stealing the bronze medal but it would require a very pro performance from him and an average performance from roope! If Blaz wins one and finished second one he will get 806 points. This is enough to take the third place if roope finishes third or less in both remaining events.Theoretically ville_j also has a chance at the bronze but it would require a hell of a show with a double victory and roope again finishing third or below in both remaining events. So VJ, are you going to buckle up and style it?I think it's very suiting that the event to resolve all these showdowns is a fucking monster level! The true hoyler will deserve this win, and get a good chance to kick some ass and maybe even climb up in the top three, or take the gold!Invest a lot in finding the right style would be my tip! As a good style can surely bring you a good position in a level like hard guys, show this level no mercy and we will see on Sunday who is the real Mister!
MR307 done! written by niN, 2015-10-25(23:45:53)
Zero completely dominates this event! Very good job mister!Next level is very tricky with a hint of annoyance in it. Some would say. Only the really brave will shine now. Remember there are not many levels to go now! And the game is quite even.I will add all the remaining recs on tuesday, atm you can only download the winrec. You can up to recsource for now.Also on my to do list is fixing the codes so they remove two worst scores, but this has proven to be a challenge since I have no time!
roope and Bjenn wins an event each! written by niN, 2015-10-21(18:23:59)
With little time and motivation lately I've not posted any news!Bjenn won event #4 and scores a nice hat trick! wuuuuu!But roope won event #5And Bjenn won again, in event #6.Next is another level made by umiz. It's still quite even steven in the scores, but I will say that the script still doesn't take away the 2 worst results. So the points are not really accurate! When I have time and energy I will fix this, for now simply try to have fun :)I can also say on a different note that I started a new project a few days ago... This will take a long time to finish but at least the first stone is down. It's a levpack/competition, I won't say more right now.I have many cool projects in my head and at the moment I will take them on one by one. Hopefully this one I started now will be ready a month or two after MR3.
finman makes an appearance! written by niN, 2015-10-01(19:40:38)
nindex have the honour to present finman! An old school veteran who's recent success in the KOG levels have made me write a few questions about playing externals.Thank you for playing at nindex and taking the time writing this interview!1) if you designed elasto mania and you could choose any other object to be the flower, apple and killer what would you choose?Potato flower, potato and a rotten potato, of course the theme in the whole game would be changed accordingly. 2) What was your honest first impression of the KOG levels? And what was your strategy for hoyling them? Did you try all of them briefly before you started a more intense run on each level, or did you skip seemingly boring levels to hoyl those that were more interesting?At the first glance the levels looked really good (as usual from niN ;)) and difficult with a lot of challenging stuff in them. I played them all through to finish ok rides, without watching the recs afterwards so some bad-ish times were left behind, except for the last level which I was intending to possibly finish later. 3) To go more into the process of taking records: what was your strategy for finding the best styles? Did you use any tools, friends or was it all old-school hoyla?I really love to play it all oldschooler, just cruising around and improving the level as a whole. I tend to not use tools nor train levels as far as possible, I think only made one trainlev in KOG levels and didn't open them in SL at all. Didn't even end up using the style that I trained in a train level after all. :P I played all solo, only hinted Zero that he could cooperate with me without success. 4) You have finished all levels except the bonus track. Do you think you will play more and if so what is your goal?I really feel like the levels are underplayed; if someone else is interested, I will surely get into it as well if other stuff doesn't interrupt me too bad. 5) I've heard you mention a few times that you think the KOG is a good levpack. But I'm sure there must be a few levels you simply can not stand playing. Are there, which and why? Also, which is the hardest (most technical) KOG level, and why?All of the levels are good, nothing to complain about except for the KOG25 first half. I think I died 4 or 5 times right after the speed loop part and just felt like I can't be arsed to drive the loops again. KOG01, KOG15 and KOG19 were hard and techical, KOG15 just simply really hard to do anything satisfying or even get a finish in. 6) If you were to make a qualified guess on three KOG levels that are way away from a theoretical limit, which would it be? And the KOG WRTT is now close to be sub 33 minutes. When (if ever) do you think it will go below?KOG07, KOG14 and KOG15, last two simply being really long and challenging to do anything decent in. It will go below the time limit whenever some pro(s) decide to go for it, hoping for it to happen some time at least. 7) In a speedrun competition between you and adi in all 25 KOG levels, who would win?We would be very close, me having a little bit of lead when getting into the number 25. However, fm is a greedy bastard and tries some fast shit right after the speedloops end and dies, therefore adi wins. 8) KOG 24 was made in a tent the night before I went off to drop some big waterfalls in the east of Iceland. I had a lot of emotions making this level so it's really one of my favourites. What do you think of the level and the features in it? What emotions do you think it reflects?The level is asking you a question: are you man enough to go for it instead of taking the long route? At the same time it gives you a challenge stylefindingwise: is it more clever to turn back at the right side and not take the risk of the at least 16m jump to a dangerous area with an evil loop. It is a level of choices, ended up having two really equally fast routes. It reflects emotions such as: ambition, fear and a fair bit of childish curiousness. 9) MR3 started 2 weeks ago. Will you play? What sort of levels are you hoping to see?No, decided to relieve myself off the cup pressure that I would create to myself. I am hoping to see levels that challenge all the players from the beginners to the already beat down pros to do better than they expect and to get them to experience a lot of nice moments with the levels. 10) I'll give you the opportunity to name three kuskis who you think are good candidates for winning MR3. If one of them will win, then I promise to buy you three beers if we ever meet! I'll give you a small hint: the levels I have for MR3 will test many diffrent skillsets of the kuski. So it will certainly help to be an all-round and disciplined player.Zero, Bjenn and of course Kopaka. :* 11) If you could order cups and contests from nindex, what type of competitions would you like to see? Anything is possible and only your imagination sets boundaries!Cups are always nice, also something with some kind of an elimination system would be awesome to see, also crippled cups or events could work nicely. 12) A short while ago our community lost a very loved member. Could you please share a memory you have of Mawane? How do you think the loss of Mawane will effect/has effected the community?I didn't really have a lot of mutual online time with Mawane unfortunately, but there's a nice memory that first comes to my mind. During one of our skype conversations with a lot of people Mawane was there. I could really see he enjoyed every bit of it about as much as you could imagine. His laughter was something to remember, he truly enjoyed the moments with us, which was something that warmed my heart long after. The loss of Mawane was a huge thing for the whole community, but especially those who are trying to join the scene through youtube or eol, will surely be missing (without knowing about him) the warm and welcoming way Mawane always greets and helps them out without a single bit of hesitation. What's more, we will surely be missing someone with a big passion into the game and especially its people. Rest in Peace, Mawane!Thank you finman! Good luck on your elma rest and come back to nindex for some more campaigning soon :) Download the KOG levels.
MR3 third event over! written by niN, 2015-09-27(19:55:31)
The third event is over and Bjenn stripped this one down to the skin again! A very beautiful replay produced by the almighty swede and he is on the run to score a hat trick! download the insane replay. Bjenn bust be a halvgud!The next event is made by umiz, you have until sunday 21:00 GMT+1 to hoyl. Good luck and make it goooood! Download the MR event 4 by umiz, voted best designer of 2014, teammember of HoHo and a fucking awesome guy!
MR3 second event passed! written by niN, 2015-09-19(21:15:08)
Bjenn won the second event! Hooraah, another great replay. Congratulations!The next event is made by me and it's a big lev. Please note that the deadline for this level is on Sunday! This is because I'm too busy on saturday to host it.Another thing to note is that so far the MR3 page is calculating all your scores. After the 5th event the codes will optimize your points so that your two worst scores (to be or already had) will not count. It's not really that complicated even though it sounds like it :P
Event 1 over! written by niN, 2015-09-13(16:08:31)
The first event of MR3 has passed! Congrats Zero! Awesome rec and performance and he lays it up nicely for a good start.nick-o-matic submitted his time late but I decided to accept it because it didn't beat anyone and so few people sent in times. But the first event has been "locked" and you can't submit any more times now.The second event was made in 2005 by anhe88! Never been published previously and it's a pearl. I like it a lot, I hope you will too. It's been opened and the deadline for this level is next saturday. Happy hoylin and good luck!Tell your friends about MR3.
MR3 event info tonight written by niN, 2015-09-12(13:45:25)
The results and new event will be up around midnight! Sorry guys :)
MR3 starts to start up! written by niN, 2015-09-09(19:26:55)
The MR3 situation seems to be under control now. You can upload your replay and it will compare the time to your BEST time in the EOL database. This means that if you drive a time that is better than the time you try to upload here, it will not accept it. So only Best times allowed to be uploaded.This is due to an error in the EOL API written by Kopaka and thus nothing I can do about it now. But the script works fine! Should it not, then send your replay to me at mopolauta and I will manually write your time to the nindex database. Note that it will still be checked with the eol database, only manually by me.There are now exactly 48 hours until the deadline of the first event :) Don't forget to submit your times! Even if the time sucks, your two worst times will not count, so it's smart to have a time for each level and then the codes will optimize the results for you!I added a promo "commercial" thing to the index page. It's a little bit buggy but should be OK. It's a sign that says "don't forget to play MR3" and it disappears after 3 seconds. But it has a few known bugs (for example you can't view recordtables... :D...) I won't fix this but I will remove the whole thing in a few weeks once the MR3 has started rolling nicely. For now, don't watch the recordtables, simply focus on MR3 :)
MR3 update on situation written by niN, 2015-09-03(21:16:32)
MR3 has started but unfortunately we've had a strike of bad luck. The EOL site is down so I can not verify times with my script. Hopefully the site will come back online soon and the cup can continue without any further complications.As it is now, the deadline of the first event will be moved forward. If the site is up and running soon then the new deadline for Mistr301.lev will be on saturday the 12th of September 21:00 GMT+1. But this might change depending on the status of the eol website!Keep reading nindex for important infos. Sorry for this! It's frustrating for me too. All I can say now is hoyl the first event! I'm pretty sure your times will be saved in the EOL database and that you can upload your time here once the eolsite comes back online.
MASTAR RACER 3 IS ON!! written by niN, 2015-09-01(18:26:51)
The first event of MR3 has started!!! Download it here and play until 8th sept 21:00 GMT+1.
MästarRäcer3 Starts soon! written by niN, 2015-08-23(09:22:58)
It's only about a week left until the long awaited MästarRäcer3 begins! The first event will be released on the evening of the 1st of September here on nindex! A new page will be created for MR3 where you can read all infos and schedules.On a different note an interview was sent to a kuski a few weeks ago, but so far no answer from him!
KOG is hot written by niN, 2015-07-20(21:59:41)
People have been hacking the kogs to bits and the WRTT is currently at 00:33;08,09. A minute limit not too far away!Juish is the first kuski with an official TT (although some don't like KOG25, it's still included in the pack. sorry :)) His TT stands at 00:34;30,32 and because of this achievement I will write him an interview to answer shortly! Expect it to be here in the month of august.Mawanes funeral was held on Sunday and Bismuth and Devin (through his girlfriend) was there representing our love for the fallen brother. Once again, RIP mawa, you will not be forgotten :'(!
Rest in peace Mawane written by niN, 2015-07-12(01:01:51)
I just recieved the terrible news that Mawane, good friend to all who plays elasto mania, passed away. Although there's no way for me to really know if this is actually true it seems to be the case... It's very sad for me personally and I'm sure to many other players. We've all lost a great brother.He was one of the most driven designers I've seen with a very professional approach to lev-making. The scene will not be as rich without you, Mawane. Although death will eventually come to all of us, and it's not certain what happens after this stage in life, it will be very sad not to see your levels attracting players online. I hope that you felt the love that was here for you, even though I personally didn't express it often enough...
KOG table up written by niN, 2015-07-08(21:34:31)
The KOG table should be up and working now. I will leave the testing to you guys. If something is not working please let me know and I will fix it.It's really nice to hear that some people are enjoying the levels!
Kuski on Ground Levpack release written by niN, 2015-07-04(23:38:53)
4 days late I'm glad to announce a new levpack of 25 previously unseen levels. The Kuski on Ground pack consists of longer levs with an attempt at making multi-style features.A page for the pack will be made shortly. For now, download and play online. Save your recs for future uploads here. Discussion in my guestbook or on Mopolauta.Now I will turn my focus on preparing for the MR3 cup which will start in less then 2 months!
New levpack release coming soon written by niN, 2015-05-11(21:39:33)
As previously announced I will soon be releasing a new levpack. I wanted to say a few things about it here now.There will be 25 levels. They are pretty multi-style and fairly long. Most of them are within the 40-1 min+ region. I wanted to make a levelpack with some pretty natural elma levels so I didn't really try to achieve anything trend-breaking with these levels.They will be put here in the month of june. I will also make a lauta topic within the next few days. Until then, enjoy elma :)
Interview with bene written by niN, 2015-04-29(18:07:08)
I'm proud to present bene (or Ben3eee as he is known on the official world records table) from team dat here on nindex! I asked him a few questions about the game, the scene and his recent success in the internal levels. Enjoy!Let me first say thank you for taking the time reading and writing this interview. I will ask a few general elma questions and then end it all with 4 questions regarding internals and your recent success in the internal scene.I will kick it off with a theoretical question...1) if you could be any other kuski, for just one day, who would you be and why?Wow hard question. I am assuming I get to keep the experiences from this day when I am back to regular bene mode.All answers I can think about get nullified by the fact that everyone I could answer I know and can just ask about what I would want to know.Like I could answer FinMan because he has a sick brain for finding styles - but we are in the same team so I could just ask him to help me out.I could answer Zero to be someone with sick skill and do good times - but we are in the same team and I enjoy spying as much as playing, if not even more.I think the best answer would be some sick designer that attracts all the good players and just chain battles for an entire day while spying all the wow playing.2) What elma settings do you use? visuals, details, resolution, where is your alo and other action buttons etc.?Resolution: 1920x1080Zoom: Varies depending on level I play, for freefall I use 3.00. For bumpy I use 1.75 or so. Higher is better but I don't want to cripple myself with seeing too little of the level.Keybindings: Arrow buttons, turn on D, brake alias on S and alovolt on C.Details: Low when playing, high when spying.LGR: Default. Although I just recently changed to one by Lee and I like it really much.Keyboard: QPAD MK-85 blue3) What do you think about the external level scene in elma? i.e. kopasite, battles etc.I used to only play external levels in my early years. These days I only really follow externals through Zero who is really active.Some days I get motivation for some external things, last thing I remember is the Found 28 route that Zero used for wr.The problem with external levels for me is that there is so little hype from the community.Like only Ramone would care if you do some 3s sick improvement wr in a found level, but many care if you do a 0.03 improvement in warm up.There is however many nice packs out there to play maybe I will try them out some day.Battling is something I want to learn. I am currently too focused on impossible details but can't see anything in the big picture when playing.Cups are amazing for the team based aspect of it. I can be the stylefinder just wasting a whole week at finding styles for the team members to drive insane times with.I would probably not enjoy to play cups, I have actually never tried any! I am looking forward to MR3.4) during recent elma times you've taken a few WRs and I must say that it's very impressive how you seem to set yourself a goal and never give up until that goal is reached. Could you tell us a little bit about the tactics behind choosing a wr to beat and beating it; The process for you and what helps you (maybe music, team members help etc.) perform.I'd like to say there is some long cool process to choosing what wr to beat by testing out levels and styles but really there has not been.Process behind selecting each of my wr levels:44 - For fun because its a bad level and was joking around with anpdad.14 - Spef told me to play it.34 - Zweq told me to play it.01 - Everyone eventually tries to beat wu wr so why not?For personal motivation I usually try to find reasons why some wr is or might be bad. It might be incorrect reasons but it still helps motivation.For example in loop I used zweq wr interview, where he states that he thinks the time is bad as motivation. In bumpy I just knew the time was bad because of styles.Another big motivatior as I mention above is community comments and hype and gratses and reactions.Team members help out a ton with styles and motivation. They serve as everything from a random place to dump thoughts and annoying lines to bouncing style ideas to a random place to relax and spy.I listen to music all the time when I am playing and mostly this playlist spotify:user:ben3eee:playlist:7pnkJ1zBvWKTDXV8weasduI even made a thing of noting which song I listen to when beating a wr because its funny for no reason at all. When beating wu wr I was listening to Lionheart by Battle Beast.5) Do you see yourself growing as an internalist during what's left of 2015? And what's your ambition for the future (elma-related)?I don't really know how to answer this. I will keep on hoyling internals during 2015, sure. But it feels like I will not grow into something like a pure internalist that plays all the levels and makes a nice total time.In order to become really good as an internalist I would need to play only battles, externals and cups for a year or two and learn everything that I am lacking in my skills. Only playing internal hoyls does not make one good.But as I think about this and look back one year - I had just made int14 wr and was still quite clueless compared to today. There is no way I could ever imagine that only one year later I would make the warm up wr. One year is a long time.There are still quite a few internals left that I could consider playing for wr.Maybe I will keep just going for wrs and have a few really good times in select levels or maybe I will finally start playing battles for real and get good at that.Right now I am fooling around in sl trying to figure out what level to play after bumpy journey.I did 20.39 int08 and 44.03 int18 so far, so those levels are on my radar. I also want to try int12 and int25. But nothing is decided yet. I know where to go if I follow the same process as I have in the past.6) Let me finally ask you to share a few thoughts and secrets about what's been on everyone's mind for more than a week now: On table #381 you finally proved that driving internal level 1: Warm Up in under 14 seconds was possible without any tools.A few people say that it was luck, others would call you a hoyl champion. What's your personal opinion?I have heard it all. I have bene called everything from the Karlis of this generation to a cheater.There surely is a lot of luck involved because of the big improve, also luck with getting a .xx9 time. But if the entire run was just luck I would have gotten the wr back in august when I started playing.I spent many hours getting the moves down raging both online and offline in sl making my timings and impossible details better to the point where my styles are possible to perform live.I would say around my 14,00 finish was where everything was in place, only 3 months of hoyling left to make the wr finish.I don't know if the styles and impossible details I used are the best or easiest for making the world record but they were at least possible.The release of mila's sl helped the hoyling by a lot because I was able to fool around in the end finding all minor details there. It's not possible to test things in the end as well with smibu's sl.After an hour of playing around with it for the first time I had changed pretty much every move I used for the end.7) Now that you've done it, you will be in the books of elma forever. Even if someone will beat your time in the future, you will still be the first to have done u14 in WU. What's your plans for sharing the replay? Will you and under what circumstances?I will share the replay some day, but it will likely not be on a random wednesday evening with some "wr osv" text.I feel like it should be saved for something cool like next edq or I could consider sharing it for insguys elma documentary if he wants it osvUntil then - lets keep pushing it to the limit! thanks bene and great inspiring work for the scene! I hope you'll have a desire to kick some ass in nindex before you kick the bucket.
News written by niN, 2015-04-23(18:00:07)
I changed the logo. I don't really know what I think but in my opinion it's not that important. I will probably change it in the future, but I think it's only nice with a little changes every now and again. If you have opinions you can share them in the guestbook. I like simplicity and minimalistic stuff.I've not been in EOL for a week. I am still playing elma, making levs etc. but I'm doing everything offline. If anyone cares it's because I got tired of the general attitude of the majority of the talkers in the EOL chat (I'm not pushing everyone off the same cliff, there are some nice people also). I find it very demoralizing to listen to negative (non-constructive) comments about my levels so instead of making battles I will focus on making levels offline for future levpacks and competitions here. Do your best to be friendly online and I might return soon.
What's next? written by niN, 2015-04-20(19:36:47)
Hello guys! Nice to see a few people like Mira and Mz hoyling away at the Creapple Levels!I decided to let you guys know what I am prioritizing and currently working on. Website related on my to do list is changing the logo a little. And I will let the creative side of my brain flow some more this weekend and see if I can add some features to it. As always, if you have any ideas please post them in the guestbook :)I am also working on a levpack with 20-30 levels. This will be released pretty soon and that is what I am doing mostly now. So Stay tuned and keep hoylin :)
Replay uploader script updated written by niN, 2015-04-12(17:06:53)
I updated the replay handler script. I will test it fully this evening. If you encounter any bugs please tell me in the guestbook!Features added:* Cleaner codes; might make it a tiny little bit faster.* Tool Assisted and Unfinished recs can now be uploaded and shared.* You can share your replays with only one person if you want to.* You can manually write the time of the rec. This feature is for when the script doesn't accept your time although you've driven online (it's due to a bug in the recinfo).I also fixed a few bugs in there. A shoutout to all active users: the tables would look a lot nicer if you uploaded a team logo :) So far only Bjenn/team EF has one, but set your creative minds to work and I'm sure nindex would be a lot more colorful.* The latest times now shows how much a wr is improved by.Now that I've done some software updates I will turn a little more focus to the hardware/design. Menu and logo might be a little more eye-catchy/friendly soon.
Bjenn talks about Trek Tracks written by niN, 2015-04-11(22:20:56)
As a fan of the Trek Tracks myself, I decided to ask Bjenn - a Trek Track master - a few questions about the levels. If you haven't gone for a Trek TT already, now's a good time to do it! And I'm sure Bjenn would be happy to help you with styles and ideas! Him and me are often chatting and sharing new styles. 1. If I would phrase myself in a subjective way, I would say that not many people truly understood the beauty of the Trek Tracks levels. But I think that you did. What was it about the levelpack that you enjoyed? You continued to play the levels a little bit even after the competition was over, why?I found them not like all ordinary cup levels that has to be "perfect" you know. I love the little "TL-lev" kind of styles/structure that they had, that makes them so not obvious.I still want to beat all records in the levels, that's why I still play them now and then.2. Please pick a top 5 list of your favourite Trek TracksTrek09 (mega fun finding best moves)Trek19 (exactly the right difficulty, I was the only one with fastest style which is about 2sec faster)Trek23 (mega fun hoyl)Trek30 (fun hoyl, I knew 25 was possible)Trek34 (the turn trick very addicting cause of its difficulty!)3. Although the levels are simple, you found a lot of interesting styles. I'm talking about for example Trek35, Trek19 and Trek27. Do you think there are many more (faster) styles to find?Definately, most levels are plain sandboxes and I actually have a few styles in mind which I tried during the competition but they were too hard to pull off =)4. What do you think would be a great totaltime for the trek levpack (WRTT atm is 34:15,17)? Do you think it will ever be reached?33.30.00 would be reachable and very decent, but it needs more active good players for it to happen!! BLING BLING!!I think it will be reached in the future.5. Why did adi beat you?Trek41, I missed one "tiny" shortcut because I didn't properly look over that level. I disklike everything with gravity mostly and this level was one of them.I was 14 seconds behind adi in this level, lost the whole competition with 1 second =DAnd for those interested in helping Bjenn kick that TT down to 33,30 here are the levels. I wouldn't recommend downloading the levels from the EOL database, because there are a lot of blunts and wrong levels there. If you hoyl the wrong level id then you might not be able to upload the time here.
First Creapple Total Time written by niN, 2015-04-10(00:31:26)
Good job kuskis! roope put the final nails that gave us the first CreLe totaltime: 01:11;10,65. Maybe try to get that down below an hour guys? I know 34 can be improved quite a lot ;) So far no kuski has a TT.I'm slowly working on a few changes to the website. Designal improvements etc. If you have ideas or suggestions please write them in the guestbook and I will see what we can do. The logo is new btw, with adi as the new nindex model. Beautiful pose in TOCK09 adi! I think it's an improvement. Mira says it hurts his eyes a little so maybe I'll slowly do more work on it to make it more eye-friendly :).Oh and I will be working on the replay handler script this weekend. Add a few improvements. Good night and see you tomorrow!
Fixed bad bugs written by niN, 2015-04-07(19:56:47)
With the help from Blaztek I fixed a bug. You should now be able to register/log on with any browser from any page. It was a pretty bad bug. If you experience any problems with this please tell me, could be that there's still some sort of error in my codes, but you don't need to look for it. I don't think that anything is wrong now.I also removed the MastarRacer from the recordtables. I figured it didn't really belong there. And as a little tease I can say that I will release a new levpack with 20+ levs soon.I also changed the replay uploader a little bit because I got a lot of questions about it. Maybe it's easier to understand now
More stats for levpacks written by niN, 2015-04-07(00:47:25)
Well, I made a little selection box so that you can see all times in a level on the index page. Atm it works. I don't know how I feel about the position of it. If you have a better idea of where to put it please tell me in the guestbook :)I also fixed a bug from the recordlist stats.
HotHorses Hosts the night stats up written by niN, 2015-03-30(23:26:35)
After a lot of work (was much harder than I thought!) stats from last nights event is up. Future stats will also be collected there. I don't know if everything is working properly, but we will see with time and if somethings wrong I will fix the codes.A big congrats to Zero who took home the first win! Here's top 5:1. Zero2. jblaze3. Lousku4. finman5. ville_jFor details go here To enter page just navigate through the drop down box! Me and umiz would like to say a big thanks to those who attended last night. Next event will be hosted soon...
Maps for HoHosts the night written by niN, 2015-03-29(14:59:08)
For the first HoHosts the night (held in EOL) we will share 3 maps. There will be a total of 6 levels, but the other 3 we thought it's unnecessary to share maps.Enjoy! The event starts in one hour. Be there!HOH0ST01HOH0ST04HOH0ST05
Registration case sensitive and Chrome users written by niN, 2015-03-25(16:27:13)
I noticed some kuskis registered two times because they didn't realize the log on/registration is very case sensitive (that is, niN and nin is NOT the same). So if I try to log on as nin it will register a new kuski instead of logging on niN. Remember to register same nick as in EOL.Also, it seems the registration/log in (cookie storage) doesn't work for Chrome users. This means these users can't submit replays and I will look into this. For now Mozilla, Internet Explorer and Opera are confirmed to work.On another topic Luther is dominating the early tables of the creapple levels! TTechnik offers a little competition :)
Old DH records added written by niN, 2015-03-22(17:29:59)
I added all Dream Hoyl records. Try to beat you nabs.
Creapple Levels written by niN, 2015-03-18(22:40:08)
Creapple Levels is a collection pack of my favourite levels from way back when Creapple was an active elmasite. Not many people played these levels, but I really like them. 105 levels or great meaning to me! There should be something in there for every kuski...Download CreLe
They sent YEAHS on a rocketship written by niN, 2015-03-18(22:38:16)
TSYOAR are 8 levels made by me. A tribute pack to the superduperkuski zaraptor. A lot of time was put into every level and I like the design in most of them. There are 3 big levels in there which I think are pretty cool.Download the levels
MästarRäcer 2 written by niN, 2015-03-18(22:36:48)
MästarRäcer 2: the followup on MR1 was a big success. All levels made by me. These levels are not like the types of levels I prefer to make anymore. When looking at these levels today they feel a little boring to me. But the players liked them!Download the levels
MästarRäcer 1 written by niN, 2015-03-18(22:34:33)
MästarRäcer 1 was held in 2006 and the levels are made bu me, Zebra, Staar, smaxa and Phoenix. Very cool levs imo. The levpattern GPMR is for Grand Prix Mästar Räcer.Download the levels
Dream Hoyl written by niN, 2015-03-18(22:32:35)
Dream Hoyl is a short powerpack made by me in 2005. The levels are hoylas intended to be battled between me and Slackwood in a first finish tt competition way back when. The reason I host them here is because talli and other hardcore players found some really sick styles and brought the levels to another dimension.Download the levels
Trek Tracks written by niN, 2015-03-18(22:27:31)
Trek Tracks are done by Rapptor, anhe88 and me, niN. They are a cool mix between hoylas and trickier stylefindings. To the restricted eye, they don't seem as much. But elmaheroes like adi or Bjenn found a lot of cool hidden styles in there.Download Trek Tracks
Nindex out of exile written by niN, 2015-03-15(23:04:03)
Hello kuskis! My elastomania webpage nindex is back with new stuff to dip your fingers into. I will now retire to bed and within the coming few days I will write information about the website and the levelpacks hosted here. Things are not functioning 100% just yet, but they will be very soon.
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