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World Battle Cup II
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niNWherever the weather is
niNwhatever weather
niNWhatever wheather
niNEveryone is on a different journey
niNbad weather looks worse through a window
niNwe could all take a lesson from the weather, it pays no attention to criticism -
UnknownI suck
niNSome exciting shit going on here
niNBlaz good idea about dates, I will do that when I have time!
niNAll problems will be looked into tomorrow evening (3/9-15) I will be busy until the evening.
niNdid you check the "competition rec" box, Blaz?
BlazCan't get my MR301 time vertified? It was driven online. :S
BlazMaybe you could add dates on the comments made here?
niNYeah juish! I think it's cool too :) It's inspired by bonus tracks on CDs, where there's hours of silence before the song actually starts :)
JuishMust pass "go" sub 1:30.00 for a benchmark
JuishI like KOG25 because the first section can go very wrong and thats a 10 second defecit right there until you pass GO! PLus inside the "level" section there are lots of possibilities due to crazy speeds coming in.
Juishkogging = hard fun )
niNSick roope! And #1 in ranks :)
roopeMinute breaked crele o/
anpalcactusgood sajt !
niNThanks Mira! Super happy to have you here aswell! Keep hoylin step by step and people will follow :) More levels coming. I have many projects on my table so this website will be alive for a long time.
Miraweb, logo, inovations! everything is getting to be so nice :) even the competition is really about to start it seems. I'm very glad to play your levels, playing just Creapple levs so far!
niNCool Mz, welcome to nindex :)
Mzou yeah, now its working :))
Mzdamn, my EOL doesn't work :/
Mzokay, thx niN :)
niNOh but Mz, you need to register with the same nickname as in EOL. And drive all times online, this is to confirm that your times are not cheated.
niNIf you can write here then that means you can send records! You see the link on the left "Upload a time"? Click that and then select your replay file to upload.
Mzhow i can send records/recs in this site?
niNWohooo finished CreLe034!! that's an achievement..
Lutherluth was here
Bjennwow site
NINOGRAMSZero you can just post ideas and feedback here if you think of something :)
NINOGRAMScomment #1
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